How do I access my course?

Create a profile by clicking the profile logo on the top right of the page. Use the same email that you will use when purchasing. When you make a purchase, your course will show up in the 'my courses' section. Simple!

Do I need to be at an advanced level to do a course?

No, most of the available courses are aimed at the those who have a basic understanding of the airbrush and control. For completely beginners, you should take the 'Artistry in air' Airbrush masterclass (Due early 2024)

How long do I have access for?

You have access for life once your course is purchased. It can be viewed on any device at any time

What is included in each course?

Each course will consist of HD video guides that take you through each step of painting the subject. Reference images and extra documents are also included for you, such as colour charts where applicable.

What happens if I need more help?

If you find you are struggling with any aspect of your course, then please email me and I will gladly arrange a quick zoom call to help you until your issue is resolved. Just reach out to me. Your success is the only thing that is important to me.


" I've learnt so much, thank you! "

" I knew I would learn a bit, but this completely surpassed my expectations"

"Thank you so much, I feel I am on a different level than prior to starting your course"

" Perfect for anyone that has even the most basic foundation of airbrushing"

It's time reach your potential.

My name is Andy Caddick, I am professional artist that specialises in realism/photo-realism with both airbrush and traditional brush work. I have successfully grown a business as an independant artist with collectors across the globe.

I have featured in a number of airbrush publications internationally.

I now focus my attention to teaching airbrush and also taking on commissions.

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