A unique teaching platform for realism artists

Helping you achieve your artistic potential with a range of teaching options to suit your needs. Specialising in acrylic paints and airbrush fine art

" You are to paint not reality, but the appearance of reality"


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    "I cannot recommend enough. Andy's nuanced style guides you along your lesson. This was a way to create a beautiful piece of art. Thank you SO much"

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    "Loaded with tons of information, this completely surpassed my expectations"

  • ★★★★★

    "So much information, more than just painting a tiger. A wealth of information on realism and airbrushing"

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Airbrush stencils and accessories 🆕

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What the AC Art Academy can offer

As an artist myself who still paints professionally, I have gained years of experience in the fine art world. This art academy will offer tutorial videos that specialise in taking your realism to the next level. You will find comprehensive, real time tutorials that cover all aspects of painting realism in airbrush and traditional brush work, and a combination of both.

Everything is stored in one place so you don't have to download large files or have subscriptions to pay each month for access. There are a number of training facilities out there for artists, but I quickly realised years ago that many of them charge extortionate amounts that simply out price most working artists or hobbyists looking to develop their skill set. This is something I think is fundamentally wrong, knowledge is valuable, but also worthless if not shared. I therefore want to keep my training accessible for everyone.

I also offer a tailored programme for 1:1 zoom lessons and group lessons. This is a unique and invaluable way to learn in a relaxed environment at your own pace. This is an incredible way to take your art to the next level.

In the art academy, you will find new tutorials and courses being added frequently. Over the coming months, there are a number of new projects being worked on:


Traditional brush work with acrylic paints (photo-realism) that incorporates small elements of airbrush work that truly transcend a painting to a new level

Full coaching programme for artists looking to develop their business into a profitable source of income

+Plus much more +


" I've learnt so much, thank you! "

" I knew I would learn a bit, but this completely surpassed my expectations"

It's time reach your potential.

My name is Andy Caddick, I am professional artist that specialises in realism/photo-realism with both airbrush and traditional brush work. I have successfully grown a business as an independant wildlife artist with collectors across the globe, I also work with select galleries in the UK.

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