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AC Art Academy

Human Eye

Human Eye

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A photo realistic human eye is captured in exquisite detail using the airbrush.  This is painted on synthetic paper using createx illustration colour paints.

I use only a few erasers, a medium eraser and an Aggressive eraser. No stencils are used in this project but the skin texture stencil is perfect for making life easy.

Included in the tutorial is a full colour HD reference, a colour chart with every colour used broken down into the exact ratios (by drop) that I use in the tutorial so you can follow along with absolute confidence in your colours.

Also included is a digitally altered file of the reference photo that will allow you to effortlessly transfer your reference to your synthetic paper.

This tutorial is broken down into 4 chapters, each over an hour in length.


This is the perfect introduction into realism/hyperrealism and is great way to start your portrait journey.

Topics covered are:

  • Introduction
  • Creating realistic skin texture without stencils
  • Depth of field and how to create a real sense of depth and focus
  • Colour theory
  • Opaque/transparent colours - why we use them when we do and what are the benefits of each
  • Extension principle
  • Error correction - how to correct a genuine error in the worst place possible, made easy.  Every step shown and explained, the error made is not fabricated for the tutorial and shows a real time view of how any mistake can be easily fixed.
  • + much more 

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