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AC Art Academy

Tigers eye

Tigers eye

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Paint a photo-realistic tigers eye in acrylic paint.

Are you struggling with achieving depth and realism with your wildlife art?

Do you want to be able to achieve soft and realistic textures and detail?

Want to be able to achieve beautiful transitions and fine detail without worrying about drying times and using mediums to help blend?

IF any of this rings true with you, then take a look below and see how I can help.

I walk you through every step to create a photo-realistic tigers eye in acrylic paints.

Suitable for ALL skill levels.

I explain every step and every reasoning behind the methods I use and you get to see the process in full HD video.

Watch in your own time, at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.

In this video I cover:

  • Panel preparation
  • Initial layers
  • Simultaneous contrast and its effect on our perception
  • Painting 'organically'
  • The keys to realism
  • My 4 stage process to glazing which makes it fool proof
  • Error correction
  • Blending without wet on wet techniques or extra mediums to avoid worrying about rushing in the small window of drying time.
  • ++ much more

OVER 4 HOURS of video for you to work through with lifetime access.


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